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Latest: Guernsey & jersey have lost their case on LVCR and have decided against appealing the decision.

Channel islands make last ditch attempt to save VAT-free music industry

Simon Bowers, the Observer, Sunday 11th March 2012

After years of downplaying its significance, Guernsey and Jersey will admit to the high court this week that losing tax-exempt status would be devastating

Lawyers for the Channel Islands will travel to the high court in London this week in a last-ditch effort to block a move to clamp down on the islands' VAT-exempt e-commerce operations, which sell hundreds of millions of pounds of CD, DVDs and other goods over the internet.

After years of playing down the scale of VAT-avoiding websites based on Jersey and Guernsey, the islands are now claiming the closure of this industry would be a "catastrophe". They are taking their case to a judicial review in the hope of blocking imminent plans to close a tax loophole that has allowed their offshore mail-order business to quietly mushroom to a substantial scale over almost a decade.

Among the retailers with the most active arrangements involving the Channel Islands are four of the UK's largest online shopping sites: Amazon,, Tesco and HMV.



EU Code of Conduct group to further ponder Guernsey's zero-10


4th April 2012 by Helen Burggraf, International Advisor


The EU Code of Conduct Group is due to discuss Guernsey’s zero-10 corporate tax regime at its next meeting on 17 April, as the only one of the three Crown Dependency islands not to have received the Code Group’s nod of approval for its zero-10 scheme last year looks to get it in 2012.


                                READ ARTICLE

Misguided Sursis by Chief Minister fails to stop democratic debate


States Meeting Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th February 2012.   (meaning of the word "Sursis", as applied to Guernsey Government )

The Proposals  being put forward  by the Parochial and Ecclesiastical Rates Review Committee on  ‘The Repair and Maintenance of Parochial Church Property’, became the subject of some controversy when the Chief Minister decided to subject the proposed debate to a ‘Sursis’, which , had it succeeded, it would have stopped any democratic debate on the subject. These proposals had already taken seven years to reach this stage. During this time all parties had been consulted and all views taken into consideration. The consultation period had been completed approximately a year ago and the propositions prepared during 2011. A copy of the final propositions had been sent to the Dean of Guernsey in November and he had been asked if he wished append any comment to the propositions, which he did. It was the comment by the Dean in that letter, where he reserved the right to petition Her Majesty that had worried the Chief Minister so much that he sought to withdrawer the debate, that was refused by PERRC, so he decided to Sursis the debate. Read the sursis and voting results here.

The Chief Minister it appears had met with the Dean and this seems to have prompted him at the last minute to go ahead with the Sursis and try and stop the debate. From speaking to some Deputies after the Sursis had been circulated to them, there appeared to be a vagueness as to whether the Chief Minister was doing this of his own volition or whether, as they felt, he had the backing of the External relations Group (ERG) and the Policy Council. In fact there was an email circulation amongst deputies, to the Chief Minister, asking him that exact question. His answer was ambiguous and misleading and failed to address the question.

During the early debate on the Sursis it was still not obvious as to whether the Sursis had the support of the ERG and the policy Council and questions were put to the Chief Minister regarding this, initially they were avoided, but in the end it was becoming obvious that there was no direct support from ERG, which he chairs, or the Policy Council and so this was a Sursis by and individual Deputy seconded by Deputy Stephens from the floor, (One would have expected a seconder to come from the ERG or policy Council)

The sursis was claiming  that by continuing with the debate, the states would be placing Guernsey into conflict with the Church and the constitution and therefore the Queen as head of the Church of England which could cause reputational damage to the island and embarrassment during her jubilee year. The procurer had been asked to give advice to the ERG and his advice was repeated in the circulation to all States members on the 20th Feb 2012, but in reported speech, not it would appear his exact words. That circulation can be read here. 

When the Procurer stood and addressed the members, during the debate, after being asked to clarify the situation,  there was nothing in his advice that would have lead members to think that there was a reason why a full debate should not go ahead. The possibility of a full constitutional crisis appeared most unlikely from the States debating the subject.

After about four hours of debate the States threw out The Chief Minister’s sursis by the narrow margin of 23 against and 22 for. Interestingly enough the majority of ERG voted against his sursis and the Policy Council were split five for and five against, which clearly showed he had no mandate from either.

That having been decided the full proposals went through under a number of different votes, the Chief Minister on this occasion voting for the proposals. (Damage limitation)

A wasted four hours of debate on a misguided sursis.

European Commission will formally assess Guernsey's zero-10 tax regime

8th February 2012

According to a report in the Guernsey Press dated 8th february 2012, Guernsey has had a positive outcome when delegates appeared before an EU Code of Conduct Group to put their case forward for Guernsey's system of Zero-10.

It has apparently been recognised that Guernsey's system is sufficiently different to require the full formal assessment process. This shouldn't surprise most people who felt that this would be the ultimate outcome of all the delays anyway.

The next stage , apparently, is for the European Commission to write a formal assessment of Zero-10 against the criteria in the code of conduct on business taxation.

A decision, it is believed will be made by the Code group around March or April as to whether deemed distribution as Guernsey has it drawn up can stay.

That would then need to be ratified by european finance Ministers.

As yet there has been no official word from Guernsey's Policy Council, but a post on the" this is Guernsey" forum drew a response from a policy Council member, that the policy Council had not met since the meeting. Obviously not important enough to warrant an immediate statement .


The This is Guernsey forum can be found HERE

Landsbanki Guernsey


 can only expect to recover


 85% and 91% of their deposits


Guernsey Government

intervention, it's time for a

Public inquiry on

all the facts.

The States Assembly vote against, Openess, Transparency & Accountability

Thursday 9th February 2012


Once again the States Assembly and Constitution Committee failed to get States members to agree on propositions leading to more open Government and Transparency.

"Good Governance is preached but only practiced when convenient"


The SACC had brought a proposition to the States recommending more openness in the voting by States Members for a new Chief Minister and Minister's of departments. This would entail the vote being made public after all of the voting had taken place. To put this in context, the Guernsey public for some time have wanted to have a say in the voting for Chief Minister, but under current rules this is carried out under secret ballot within the States Chamber. This step would have at least allowed the electorate to see openly how their Deputies were voting.

The Assembly was almost split on the vote with many feeling that should their vote be known it would leave them open to possible victimisation by members who had been voted into positions of power. Others felt that total openness was the only way to go.

To anybody listening to the debate, it gave the impression that within the States there is an underlying level of pressure on some deputies to tow the line and it was almost felt that any new members being voted in at the elections in April this year may be put under huge pressure to vote for a particular person and failing to do so and having their names made public afterwards would prove detrimental to them and that appeared the main argument for a secret vote.


Very worrying for the electorate if this is what some deputies feel about others within the assembly.

The way they voted will be placed up on this site once published.

The proposals that were turned down can be READ HERE


One thing they did vote through was that Statements made at the beginning of States assemblies i.e. by the Chief Minister or Minister's of departments could now be questioned for up to fifteen minutes from the floor. In the past Statements could not be questioned at the time they were made. 

Guernsey States Deputies spend nearly six hours discussing their own pay rise

Chief Minister's pay goes up around £10,000 a year to around £62,000 with allowance

27th January 2012

The facts leading up to the debate can be found at:

Guernsey Chief Minister Lyndon Trott led the States towards the Pay Review bodies recomendations, decrying all amendments except one Deputy Mary Lowe had placed recommending that all States members remunerations become a matter of public record in the future (from 2013) .

Even an amendment to change the annual increase from using the median wages index to RPIX, the index used for all other wage rises, was apposed, even though this could clearly lead to States Deputies receiving larger wage rises than the cost of living and create anger amongst other public sector workers.

Other amendments attempted to give incentive to those Deputies who put the work in, but leave those who don't on a basic pay, but in the end they all failed.


Overseas Aid

During the morning session the States had been discussing overseas aid. At present Guernsey donates  well below the recommended international standard and comments were made as to how it would look on the international stage for an island that is affluent and without debt failing to even keep up with their contributions and one member wondered how the Chief Minister would explain that to David Cameron next time they met.

Listening to the whole debate on the radio it certainly failed to inspire one with any confidence in our current leadership, we can only hope that the elections in April produce some better quality.



Jersey and Isle of Man Code compliant

on Zero Ten

20 December 2011

Guernsey lags behind waiting for their review in 2012


Jersey and the Isle of Man's Zero-ten corporate tax regime has won the approval of European Union finance ministers.

Earlier this year both Jersey and the Manx governments  removed the Attribution Regime for Individuals, after that element of the system was deemed harmful, in creating a two-tier system for residents and non-residents.

The revised Zero-ten scheme had not been due for consideration by the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) until the New Year.

But news came late yesterday (Monday) that endorsement of a recommendation from the EU Code of Conduct Group had given by ECOFIN, which had been keen to conclude Code business before the end of the year.

Guernsey had decided to go it alone when Jersey and the Isle of Man submittes to reviews by the EU and had said they would carry out their own review, and had intimated going for an up to 10% product. Their review has not been carried out and they now find themselves playing catch-up as their own reviwe by the EU will not be carried out until some time in 2012.

Channel TV report



UK's stance on Low value consignment tax to be challenged

19 December 2011

Both Guernsey and Jersey will be Challenging the UK Government on LVCR in the form of a Judicial Review.


Is it right that Taxpayers pay for this legal battle when it is for the benifit of big business?


It appears that Guernsey's Policy Council agreed during the afternoon of the 19th December 2011 to seek a judicial review on the UK's decision to remove Low Tax Consignment relief from the Channel islands. They are saying that such action is discriminatory under EU Law.


Having taken legal advice, they have been informed that they have a strong case and it is on that advice they have based their decision.


The cost estimated at this stage would be approximately £60,000, and they equate that with less than £1 for every person in the Bailiwick. They also feel that their relationship with the UK would still remain constructive. ( More than it appears to have been so far in the way the UK are acting towards the Channel Islands).


They will be working closely with their counterpars in Jersey who will also be initiating legal proceedings relating to the LVCR matter.


Comment: The question remains, is it right that taxpayers money be used to support legal action against the UK treasury on behalf on big business? Already the middle and low income people of Guernsey have been hit worst by the latest Guernsey budget and it seems only right that local business affected by LVCR should be paying the bill for any legal action.


Zero Ten, Zero product will be retained irrespective of the outcome of the EU review

So says Guernsey's Chief Minister Lyndon Trott in a statement to the States of Guernsey

on Wednesday 30th November 2011.


Strong words you may think prior to Guernsey's review by the EU, but a pretty safe bet as Jersey and the Isle of Man have already had their reviews and and apart from a couple of minior adjustments, the zero element has been found to be code compliant. Already the EU have decided entirely their own time scale for their review of Guernsey which now appears to be at the early part of February 2012, so Guernsey can only sit back and await that outcome, although there appears little doubt that Guernsey will be obliged to follow both Jersey and the Isle of man.

Of course this would have all been done and dusted if Guernsey had decided to have their review along with Jersey and the isle of Man eighteen months ago instead of deciding to conduct their own. They still haven't conducted their own review and  that has now backfired somewhat and business remains in limbo at the convienience of the EU review group and ECOFIN and it will be after the New States are elected in April 2012 before any final conclusions are reached.


The full statement can be read here




25TH November 2010.

In a debate on the Guernsey Depositor Compensation Scheme in the Guernsey States today, the Chief Minister, Lyndon Trott stated that the Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors may get more than 100% of their deposits back. In what appeared to be a rather exaggerated speech he firstly claimed that depositors had already received around 70% (67.5%), then went on to say that certain elements (he did not clarify who) believed that depositors could well receive back in excess of 100%. The Administrators on the other hand have clearly stated that depositors could eventually expect to receive between 85% & 91% of their savings returned over a period of years, ( over two years have passed already).


Listen to Deputy Delisle accurate speech compared with the Chief Minister's exaggerated tirade


Trott stated:

"Sir two things have brought me to my feet, the first is Deputy DeLisle’s comments, he says that Guernsey has failed miserably its depositors, well sir I felt obliged to defend the actions of the Royal Court appointed Administrators, whose job it is to deal with this matter, and in doing so remind this assembly that they have suggested that depositors are likely to recover in excess of 90 pence in the pound, and I say in excess because I am aware that there are some commentators who have followed this closely who believe that that figure may in fact exceed 100%."


 "I did say approaching 70pence, it is 67.5 pence in the pound so far and expectations are that that number will be , as I say, close, if not , in the views of some commentators, greater than 100%. Lets be very clear about that, the situation is nowhere near as bleak as Deputy DeLisle seeks to paint."

Listen to what he said or Read the transcript with comment


So where does Deputy Trott get his information from and if it is not fact, then he has been misleading the Guernsey States assembly on the true position of the Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors.


The Administrators will be applying to the Guernsey Royal Court early in December 2010 to place Landsbanki Guernsey into liquidation and it is hoped that a further, up to, 7.5% wil be paid to depositors in January 2011. This only brings the total repayment to depositors to 75%, so it appears totally irresponsible of Guernsey's Chief Minister , Lyndon Trott to come out with his unsubstantiated statement. His exact wording will be studied when the transcript becomes available.

A forum has just been started on the Guernsey press website on the DCS

The Chief Minister's wording will be added to it when it becomes available

Guernsey Chief Minister attends Conservative Conference

4th October 2010

Guernsey's Chief Minister attended the Annual Conservative conference at the ICC in Birmingham.

He didn't manage to smile at Vince Cable as at the Lib Dem Conference and it appears he failed to actually bump into David Cameron, but he did manage to listen to George Osborn's speech, which most of us watched from the comfort of our homes.

Looking at the list of meetings he had ( I use that term loosley), he must have been going 24 hrs a day.


Its a pity that rather than creeping around all of these politicians he doesn't sort out Guernsey's relationship with the Crown and take them to task for the abysmal let down by both the UK Treasury and the UK Financial Services Authority over the Landsbanki Guernsey Fiasco.

Anyone can socialise, but it seems that all Guernsey does is give things away and the Chief Minister is always first in line, especially where it involves shaking hands with someone of dubious importance.

I doubt his visits to these conferences make one Iota of difference to any final result.


Guernsey drops four positions in Finance centre rankings (20 Sept 2010)

Read more


Policy Council Release on CM Visit to LibDem Conference 20th September 2010

Guernsey's Chief Minister Deputy Lyndon Trott this morning met Crown Dependencies and Constitution Minister Lord McNally. The meeting took place at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Liverpool, where the Chief Minister is undertaking a number of briefings and meetings with senior figures in the UK Government.


"This morning's extensive briefing with Lord McNally gave us an opportunity to discuss a number of issues of mutual interest to our two governments, as well as discussing his upcoming trip to the Bailiwick.


"The Minister and I also discussed the leadership position Guernsey has taken as a transparent well-regulated low tax jurisdiction and financial centre, and how this differentiates us from tax havens."


The Chief Minister also briefed influential House of Commons Justice and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee Chairman Sir Alan Beith MP.


"I am delighted that both of these extremely influential politicians recognise Guernsey as a Government they can work with, and that they recognise and support the steps we have taken to get ourselves into the international premier league on transparency."


The Chief Minister also met HE Georg Boomgaarden, German Ambassador to the UK, with whom signed the Guernsey-German TIEA at the German Embassy in London last year.


Chief Minister smiled at Vince Cable

So far neither the UK Government or the Guernsey Government have achieved anything for the

Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors. The UK Government managed to decieve the Guernsey

Government that they were representing them, and it took Guernsey nearly a year to catch on

that they were being manipulated. The Justice Committee hearing confirmed that, but it left the

Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors out in the cold again. Now the Chief Minister has not updated

them for over a year. We suspect he and his Government have too much to hide and and that 

is why they will not not instgate an independent inquiry.  

Chief Minister returns from visit to Brussels

10th September 2010


Guernsey's Chief Minister Lyndon Trott is just back from shaking more hands in Brussels and in his Press release on the visit made a statement that the LGDAG totally agree with him on, but believe it will have little effect, by applying it directly to their own case.


" Decisions are made in Brussels (read Guernsey) which have a direct impact on us , so it is vital that we make our voice heard and put our case forward effectively. That is what the previous two days (read two years) have been all about."


we suspect that the Chief Minister whilst expending all this taxpayers money in Brussels will have about as much success  with Europe as the Landsbanki Guernsey  Depositors Action Group have had in getting him to reply to letters , answer questions, or keep publicly made promises.



In the current financial climate,

3 Guernsey politicians still manage to

attend the nine day CPA Conference

in Kenya.

but a number of Guernsey Public toilets have to close to save money.


Why are there four? Apparently Deputy Carla McNulty Bauer

is attending at her own expense.

Three Guernsey politicians are at present in Kenya attending the 56th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference between the 10th - 19th September 2010.

Nine days during which there are about two days of workshops. How much is this Jolly costing the Guernsey taxpayer. Although the home Country apparently hosts the delegates free of charge, each Country, it is believed, has to pay their own air fares.

Those politicians attending include Deputy Bernard Flouquet, Deputy Mike O'Hara, Deputy Leon Gallienne ( Chairman of Guernsey's Public Accounts Committee) .

The intinary for the CPA can be seen here

What’s the big rush into a new corporate tax system?

27th August 2010

Although there is no doubt it needs changing.


The consultation process into the direction that Guernsey should go to replace the 0/10 Corporate tax system has just finished, but it leaves one asking oneself, what is the almighty rush for this further leap into the unknown.


Unless Guernsey States have been holding out on us, the signals coming out of Europe and the UK Treasury are ambiguous to say the least, so why should we jump every time one of the European Countries mumbles a few word of discontent. Guernsey States made that mistake over 0/10 and by rushing in have lost this island over £200 million. A years delay and we would have been in a far better position to get it right.


Look at this statement taken from the introduction to the consultation document:


 2.5.“In October of 2009, it was communicated to Guernsey via HMT, that certain EU Member States no longer considered the zero/10 regimes to be fully compliant with the ‘spirit’ of the Code.”


What a broad non meaning statement, which EU Member States? How was 0/10 not fully compliant? Are Guernsey States really asking us to take this comment as reason to start changing our Tax System?



Guernsey Press 24 Aug 2010 - Lets take time on tax

A " territorial system" of taxation is the most likely replacement for zero-10, according to Chamber of Commerce president Julian Winser, But Island should take its time.
Guernsey Press 31August 2010 -  GIBA echo sentiment of taking time
Guernsey International Business Association believe a territorial approach is the best option on the table they have echoed the sentiments of Guernsey Chamber of Commerce president Julian Winser that the island should take its time in making any sort of declaration as to what it is replacing zero-10 

Guernsey Chamber of Commerce President should clarify views as his own

"There is unanimity that you are doing an outstanding job"

Letters Guernsey Press 29July 2010

AS A member of the Chamber of Commerce, I was astonished to learn from your paper and from BBC Guernsey that Chamber president Julian Winser confirmed that Chamber supported the proposed purchase of Aurigny by Blue Islands when, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no attempt to obtain the views of its members.
Having canvassed a goodly number of Chamber members I can say that the views are very mixed, but the majority view is that the status quo should remain in place for a number of very mixed reasons;

I and my colleagues were equally astounded to read the statement made by Chamber’s president when referring to the capabilities of the Chief Minister at Chamber’s lunch last Monday as a reflection of Chamber’s views -  again, views not widely held. The chief minister is undoubtedly extremely photogenic, as witnessed by the number of photographs of him posing with various visitors to our island, but one asks how this assists our economic situation? Finally, the Chief Minister should really know that his most recent guest was the Lord Mayor of the City of London, not the Mayor, as he described him in an interview on BBC Guernsey. Boris Johnson is the Mayor.

 Sark unimpressed with Guernsey's

Chief Minister

16 july 2010


His speech was long on verbal holiday snaps and name dropping, but seriously short on issues


Phil Falle didn't mince his words when reporting from Sark on the Guernsey Chief Minister, Lyndon Trott's, recent visit to Sark. While in Sark the Chief minister was asked to address the Chief Pleas.

Mr Falle in his article states that, while it was nice to see Guernsey's Chief Minister, Lyndon Trott - on the basis that its always nice to see anyone visiting Sark - if his visit and address to Chief pleas had a purpose, then he had managed to conceal it from Mr Falle.

His speech was long on verbal holiday snaps and name dropping about who he had met where on his travels, but it was seriously short on issues that should be concerning our elected representatives.



Mr Falle is probably stating what a lot of people have felt for a long time.

Guernsey's Chief Minister enjoys his Political Socialising, lots of hand shaking, lots of photos of hand shaking at taxpayers expense but how much actually gets constructively done at the end of the day?

Not much we suspect. if the Landsbanki Guernsey situation is anything to go by. 






Paid for by the Guernsey Taxpayer to the detriment of the Bowel Screening program.

The conference will take place at the Fermain Valley Hotel during the morning and the main subject will be Marine renewable energy (A worthy cause). A subject that I would suggest is already well in progress in both Guernsey and Alderney by experts and not worth £125,000 of political hot air. A conference that could have just as easily been done by video link on a small budget.

Other subjects will be:

Organizing the venue for the next meeting

Arranging where everyone will stand in the group photograph (which incidentally will be available on the Guernsey government website).

Organizing the press conference


The previous Conference held in Guernsey in 2004 cost the taxpayer over £200,000.

Nothing has been achieved to the benefit of Guernsey from this conference over the years.

Its time someone decided to pull the plug on this financial waste purely for the benefit and prestige of a few politicians.

They would do well to listen to Prime Minister David Cameron's Comments over G8. He warned fellow leaders that the annual gatherings must be "more than just grand-talking shops". They should focus on delivering concrete results which are relevent to the public back home.

Up to now the BIC, as far as Guernsey is concerned has been an expensive grand-talking shop with few if any local results. Perhaps that's why David Cameron didn't attend.


Vote of "No Confidence" in PSD Defeated

26 May 2010

A vote of no confidence in the PSD, brought by Deputy David DeLisle

was heavily defeated by 36 votes to 10 at the States Meeting.

Read the article on the BBC Radio Guernsey site.


Website comment: PSD will now realise that they are being watched very closely on their performance regarding the waste issue and that this is a wakeup call. The Guernsey People have clearly stated no to the large mass incineration of waste and the quicker other strategies are pursued the better. 


Landsbanki Guernsey


 can only expect to recover


 85% and 91% of their deposits


Guernsey Government

intervention, it's time for a

Public inquiry

States of Guernsey spends £29m more in 2009

The States of Guernsey spent £29m more in 2009 than the year before and was £14m over budget, it was revealed as the audited accounts were released.

All but three government departments and committees spent more than in 2008 and more than their original budgets.

Despite a policy of at or below RPI rises, expenditure went up by £29m. last year and an extra 171 staff were employed.

171 staff at a time when departments should have had a freeze on new staff.



Guernsey's £3.3 million project on the New Jetty Repairs costs £14.3 million,

and no one is to blame?

The project was started in 2001 and the corrective work only completed in Dec 2008.

14 key deficiencies in the project have been identified which caused the project to go wrong.

The Public Accounts Committee say they were unable to identify any one individual

or organisation to call to account.

The project came under the former Board of Administration in 2001,

and their President was former Deputy Roger Berry, Guernsey's current Chief Minister Lyndon Trott

was also on the Board responsible for over seeing the project.

It moved to Public Services in 2004 when the New machinery of Government was introduced.

Surely the responsibility lay with the Board of Administration and their Civil Servants?

Deputy Bernard Flouquet said that they had learned by their mistakes.

Where have we heard that before?


Spruce "U Turn" may mean "No Confidence"


vote on whole PSDC

If deputy Spruce fails to resign it has been established that

if a vote of "no confidence is brought, it will have to apply

to the whole committee. A vote of no confidence  cannot

apply just to an individual.

This in fact means his attitude may bring about the resignation

of the whole committee, who will then have to be re-voted by

the States.

Deputy Spruce is certainly intent on causing chaos and  wasting

time within the States of Guernsey.


See interviews with Deputy DeLisle and Deputy Spruce

on Channel TV


See latest Guernsey press report 27 April 2010


Spruce does "U Turn" on resignation from

 Public Services

24 April 2010


Deputy Tony Spruce who announced publicly on Radio Guernsey

that he would be resigning from the public Services Committee

after he lost his requete in the States to overturn the decision on

the Suez incinerator, has made a "U Turn". He has now stated

that he will be remaining with Public Services but giving up his

place on the waste authority sub Committee. As far as can be 

established sub committee decisions still have to come

back to the main committee for decisions, so he will still be asked to vote on waste, if correct, not a very satisfactory situation.


Read Guernsey press article and see comments


 Chief Minister attempts to boost British irish


Guernsey's Chief Minister Lyndon Trott attempted to boost the value of the

British Irish Conference, due to be held in Guernsey in june 2010,

when he stated, that he believed that whoever became the next UK prime Minister will attend

the high-level summit in Guernsey in June.

The Conference which has been in existance since 1998 has achieved very little in those twelve

years except costing small communities like Guernsey huge amounts of money

(£200,000 in 2004)

 to run what is no more than a prestigious four hour conference with lunch for a few politicians.

Guernsey is the host for June 2010 and £125,000 of taxpayers money has already been

 put aside for the day. The Chief Minister was forced to reduce his original application

of £175,000 at a States meeting and the £125,000 now means that the Bowel screening

program will have to be delayed which would have benefited 6000 islanders.

Should David Cameron get in and decide to come to the Conference then the costs

are likely to escalate considerably.

Last time extra Policing and security had to be imported

from the UK at huge costs.

This is a prestigious event for a few politicians with little or no local value.

What's the betting there is an overspend.



Landsbanki Guernsey


 can only expect to recover


 85% and 91% of their deposits


Guernsey Government


It's time for a

Public inquiry

Spruce requete lost and people power wins (photos)

At the end of an all day debate on waste, the final vote gave Deputy Spruce

the clarity he had sought but not the vote he had hoped for. The Guernsey

States assembly voted "Contre" 27 votes, "Pour" 16 votes with two abstensions.

This now means that the Suez waste to energy solution has now been totally

rejected and the Public Services department can now start the new waste strategy

from scratch. Deputies  started jumping ship early in the day when it became

obvious that public opinion in the form of a large demonstration meant business.

Deputy Flouquet, Minister for public services, was one of the first overboard in his

early speech, followed later by the Treasury Minister, Charles Parkinson and then

The Chief Minister, Lyndon Trott. By the time Deputy Spruce came to close with

his final speech, you could hear the demoralised tone in his voice and the fact that

he still felt that his way was the right way forward. Approx 78% of the islands population

would not agree with him and felt at last the States had listened to the people.

Deputy Spruce who lost his requeteby 27

 votes to 16 votes with two abstentions. He

had always maintained that he had received

hundreds of calls in support of his requete, but

never quite managed to prove it.

Wether he now feels that he can remain on

the Public Services department Committee

or indeed if they still want him on that

Committee, remains to be seen. The

Minister Bernard Flouquet hoped that all the

department would now pull together and 

move forward. 

25th march 2010, on Radio Guernsey, Deputy

Spruce said he was resigning from the PSD.



24th March 2010, over 500 demonstrate outside the States meeting on waste

(photo taken 40 minutes before start of meeting)

Over 500 demonstrators turned up outside the States meeting today in attempt to influence the politicians into turning down the Spruce requete. politicians had to run the gauntlet past demonstrators on their way to the assembly. It was a peacful demonstration but one or two of the deputies involved in the requete did recieve some boos from demonstrators. A number of deputies intimated that they had changed their minds and intended voting against the requete



Only 5 Guernsey Deputies on the second day

Only 10 Guernsey Deputies turn up on first day of Suez lunch

It would appear the only 10 Guernsey deputies turned up to the Suez lunch and workshop on the first day, Monday 22nd March 2010. Apparently only three have intimated their intention to attend the Tuesday session. Deputy Jane Stephens apparantly was appalled at the poor turnout, but appears naive to the fact that the invite was probably intended as a soften up just prior to the States debate and most of the Deputies probably realised that. If Deputies are not aware already what Suez is all about, without having to attend a lunch just prior to the debate on Wednesday, then they have no right voting.

Suez invite Guernsey States Members for lunch

just prior to the Spruce requete debate

Old Government House Hotel on Monday 22nd March or Tuesday 23rd March 2010 

Ahead of next week’s States debate, Suez want to ensure that deputies have all they need to make an informed decision. They are therefore inviting them to an informal workshop at the Old Government House Hotel on Monday 22nd March or Tuesday 23rd March from 12.30pm until 2pm. They hope that this will provide Deputies with the opportunity to ask questions directly to Suez Environnement about the proposed solution and future recycling trends.

Suez will be hosting Lunch on both days and are asking Deputies to confirm which day they would like to attend and whether they have any dietary requirements.

A softening up process to get deputies into their way of thinking


A peacful demonstration will be held on the steps of the Royal Court

 from 0845hrs to 0930hrs against the Spruce requete

on Wednesday 24th March 2010

please make every effort to attend.

Spruce requete dominates Radio Guernsey phone-in Sunday 14th March 2010

Sue Coryndon

with her guests, Deputy Tony Spruce & Advocat Peter Ferbrache


The two hour phone-in between 10 & 12 was dominated by the waste debate and the Spruce requete with a

continuous stream of callers who were against the requete being brought and felt that the States of Guernsey had already made the correct decision in voting 38 to 2 which directed the PSD to produce a revised waste strategy, a decision that had gone down well with Guernsey's population. Advocat Ferbrache felt that the current States of Guernsey were the worst he had seen and also felt that they should go with the decision already made. Deputy Spruce defended his corner, by saying he had received hundreds of phone calls and emails supporting him (doubtful).

Not a single phonecall during the two hour phone-in was in favour of the requete and towards the end Deputy Spruce's wife must have felt sorry for him, because she phoned in to be a lone voice in support.

During the two hours Deputy Spruce also tried to belittle the anti-requete campaigne saying they were a vociferous minority, which of course we all know is incorrect, as from recent polls about 78% of the population are against the requete and the Suez incinerator.

Eight Guernsey Deputies out of tune with the Public

Yet another farce is about to play itself out in Guernsey's Government.

Ten days ago Guernsey's Government took the decision to do away with the Idea of an incinerator by 21 votes to 20 and then by 38 votes to 2 to back a policy of waste minimalisation. But today the 8th March 2010, eight of those Deputies have now changed their minds again and are going to present a requete to the Guernsey States asking that the whole debate take place again to have the decision overturned because of six abstentions on the voting day.

There is no doubt that when the States voted for the minimalisation of waste that the vast majority of the population were totally in favour of the decision and could see a huge challenge ahead, with Guernsey perhaps leading the world in waste management and with Deputy Scott Ogier at the helm and the population behind him , how could it fail.

Now it appears that eight Deputies are set to try to wreck the process by going against the way they voted and the huge wave of public feelings against incineration.

It is felt that these Deputies lack forsight and will attempt to commit the Island to a £93 million incinerator for the next 25 years and that will be just the start of the expense.

Their requete was discussed by the Policy Council on Monday 8th March 2010 at their afternoon meeting, a majority of the Policy Council voted for the requete to be allowed to proceed.

The requete is being brought by:

Deputy A Spruce (Proposer) (Vale deputy)

Deputy G Mahy (Seconder) (Vale Deputy)

Deputy S Langlois

Deputy R Domaille

Deputy J Stephens

Deputy A Langlois

Deputy P Gillson

Deputy M Hadley



Two Island wide independent polls show 78% of islanders are against the Spruce requete.

If the existing decision is overturned the Guernsey Public will never trust the states again over anything and there is little enough trust now.


 20th January 2010. £6 Million in health cuts, whilst the Policy Council almost doubles its budget to enable more world travel for the Chief Minister and spends £125,000 on a lunch for 20 Politicians by holding the British Irish Conference in Guernsey. See the article





States of Guernsey Strategic Plan

Unbelievable decision by Guernsey States

29th October 2009

In another landmark decision the “ States of Guernsey” have decided to spend £125,000 on hosting the “British Irish Council Meeting”, being held in Guernsey in 2010, instead of the introduction of a Bowel Cancer screening program, which would have benefited at least 6000 local people and saved lives. Read report



This Cartoon was sent to the Website, but asks a serious ?      


One has to wonder about the motives of those who seek to obstruct public information when our situation is proof enough that "something went wrong".      A Landsbanki depositor

     Depositors Compensation Scheme    0/10

British Irish Council Conference decision 0/10

Wreath laying ceremony Nov 2009        0/10


0/10 is apparently dead in the water.    

Only two years after its introduction, the very controversial 0/10 Tax Policy led by the now Chief minister Lyndon Trott is just one of the current failures of our present Government. Many islanders, probably the majority at the time felt that it was wrong for Guernsey. Now spectacularly it appears to have lost about £200 million in revenue in the last two years and is due to be debated in the States on Wednesday 28th October. Where is the Chief minister while this debate is being prepared? In China again of course with a financial group attending a conference.

In his address to the States on the debate on 0/10, on the 28th June 2006 he finished by bringing out five key tests;


1) Does this package of proposals keep our economy strong

     and competitive?  his answer, Yes.   (No & Yes)

2) Does this package protect the lower paid and those on

     fixed income?  His answer , Yes.  (No)

3) Does this package minimise the impact on middle earners?

     His answer, Yes.  (No)

4) Is this package deliverable and is it compliant with

     international     standards? His answer , Yes.  (No)

5) And Finally, does it feel right? His answer, yes. (No)


Was this package right for Guernsey? Definitely not!


The package, has failed in every aspect as predicted, the only aspect that may have some credence is that of competitiveness, it was competitive with Jersey and the isle of Man, but at what price, £200 million. Now a few mumblings in Europe, nothing anyone appears to be able to define has once again promoted a knee-jerk reaction by Guernsey's Government (Chief Minister) Lets hope we do not go from the frying pan into the fire. 

Depositing Money in Guernsey, can seriously damage your wealth,

Ask any Landsbanki Guernsey Depositor

This is a new site

This is a new site and is still being constructed. It will expand over the coming weeks to cover the Landsbanki Guernsey Situation and keep relevent news on the front page. The links to "READ MORE" etc. will start working as the site expands. It will be here to criticise Government and regulatory authorities where that is necessary and its aim is to always print accurate facts on the current situation.

It is not connected to the main LGDAG site which should still be the first stop for all Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors, and where information and discussions cover every aspect of our problem.

Chief Minister's photo usurps LGDAG Press release

The Guernsey Depositors Compensation Scheme


The official Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors  Action Group website

OECD, what's on


Guernsey Policy Council Statement on Iceland visit by Chief Minister

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A lot more will be said about this in the near future. Suffice to say it is totally insufficient and would not cover the headline figure of £50,000 of your savings, should another bank go down. 


The scheme is operated  by an independent Board which is seperate from both the Guernsey Financial services Commission and The states of Guernsey. They have a new website  at 



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Guernsey's Government also score 0/10 for their handling of the Landsbanki Guernsey Fiasco.

To members of the public looking in, it appears that the States of Guernsey at present are a one man band. The Chief Minister being the one man and the Policy Council, who we hear very little of, making up the band. The rest of the Deputies, as far as decision making is concerned are kept in the dark, only being allowed some knowledge when its convienent . So it was with the Landsbanki Guernsey Fiasco. It started with the Chief Minister deciding to take it on, with it appears his Treasury Minister. When their initiative failed, it needed pressure by the Landsbank Depositors Action Group to arrange meetings with the Chief Minister, Treasury Minister and the Chief Executive (Nov 2008, Jan 2009). These meetings proved fairly ineffectual as an air of confidentiality exuded from the Government side and the two, one hour meetings left the Landsbank depositors with little more information than they had arrived with. We are sure at the time that Deputies knew even less as many of the reports we sent them were the first time that they were aware of that particular information. So it went on during 2009, with the Chief Minister firstly reneging on a promise he made on Radio Guernsey (Feb 2009) to meet all the Landsbanki depositors, despite at least three invitations from them. No updates were forcoming from him regarding Political initiatives and when questioned he only repeated old facts, long out of date and refused to say more. During all this time the Landsbanki Depositors had been lobbying their Deputies in a number of ways to see if some political action could be taken, but Guernsey's Deputies, apart from a small number, have failed those depositors totally in both attitude and constructive help. The Chief Minister had attempted to demonise the depositors in the eyes of the Guernsey Population by continually inferring that the depositors were after "taxpayers Money", without expanding on the projects that had been put forward to help early repayment of the depositors. It was only by continious pressure from the LGDAG and the fact that information was now coming from the UK through the "Freedom of information Act", and that letters between the GFSC and the FSA (previously confidential) had been released through the Treasury select Committee enquiry, and showed that the GFSC was not as blameless as the Promontory report suggested. It was suddenly announced at a carefully choreographed States Meeting, that the Chief Minister would be visiting Iceland for three days to have meetings with various people regarding the Landsbank affair. Policy Council released a short statement which said nothing. We waited for the full update on his return. We are still waiting (23 Oct 2009). States Deputies sit back and let it all float over their head. A full 17page report has now been submitted to the Chief Minister and to all Deputies, this report contains a lot of important information which in turn raises many questions regarding the GFSC, the FSA and Guernsey's Government.

To date about 5 Deputies of the 46 have acknowledged receipt of this document, which tends to show a complete lack of responsibility to the 1600 Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors who lost money in a Guernsey Regulated Bank.

Guernsey still remains to only Government in the Western World to totally fail to assist their Depositors.




Landsbanki Guernsey

Depositors can only expect to recover between 85% and 90% of their deposits without Guernsey Government intervention

5th August 2009

Today Landsbanki Guernsey depositors have received information that they will receive a further 25% repayment of their deposits. This now brings the total repaid to 55%, leaving 45% still outstanding. They have issued a press statement.

Landsbanki Depositors continue fight.








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