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10th Aug 2010 To CM & Policy Council


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This letter concerns the lack of political information with no updates between 10 August 2009 to 10 August 2010


11TH AUGUST 2010


10th August 2010


Chief Minister & Policy Council

States of Guernsey

Sir Charles Frossard House

St Peter Port



 Dear Chief Minister & Policy Council,

Ref: Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors

We are writing to you today as one year has now passed since we received any form of update from the Guernsey Government regarding the political negotiations between Guernsey and the Icelandic Government commenced during the Chief Minister’s visit to that Country on the 6th August 2009. The only information emanating from that visit was ashort statement to the Press which showed that Mr Trott had established contact with a number of important figures in Iceland.

We assume that during the following weeks and months, he has made good use of those contacts by following up and reasserting his original political initiative and strongly negotiating for the equitable treatment of the Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors in line with that afforded to all other personal depositors in UK and the Netherlands.

Since then the Ministry of Justice Select Committee Report has been published. Its findings reveal that, in fact, although in touch with the Chief Minister on occasion during the early days of the Landsbanki administration, right from the start the UK Treasury was pursuing its own agenda and prioritising UK IceSave interests, to the detriment and exclusion of those of Guernsey and the Isle of Man. The UK has gained priority status with the Icelandic Winding Up Board whereas Landsbanki Guernsey and Landsbanki Guernsey depositors have not benefited from this level of support, which, according to the Winding Up Board, renders them likely to receive nothing.

This obviously begs a number of questions:

  • What is the situation now between Guernsey, the Ministry of Justice, and the UK Treasury?


  • Is the UK Treasury still representing Guernsey in Iceland?


  • If so, is it pushing for priority status for the Landsbanki depositors under the Landsbanki Guarantee equal to that which it has achieved for UK onshore savers?


  • What actions has the Guernsey Government taken, of its own volition, since its last update on 10th August 2009 to follow up any political initiatives pursuant to the Chief Minister’s visit to Iceland in August 2009 or with the UK Government on behalf of the Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors?


  • The GFSC 2009 report debate in the States showed clearly that there is some dissent over the adequacy of the Promontory report and there is no doubt that there should be an independent inquiry. Does the Policy Council intend to look again at all the evidence that has been presented ?


  • Does the Chief Minister ever intend to honour his public promise to attend a Landsbanki  Guernsey Depositors General Meeting? He has turned down all invitations since February 2009.


Landsbanki Guernsey depositors feel they are the ‘victims’  amid all this confusion. Guernsey’s financial reputation can only continue to suffer throughout the world while so many questions remain unanswered. The questions detailed above; those raised by Matthew Dorman’s 17-page report, submitted to the Policy Council in October 2009, and many others, directed to both the Policy Council and the GFSC, continue to go unanswered. They will not go away until they have been satisfactorily answered in an open, transparent manner and that can only be achieved by a fully independent inquiry.

We look forward to your comments

Yours faithfully,

Neil Dickens,




29 October 2010

Reply from the Chief Minister and Policy Council to the LGDAG follw up letter to their first reply. Still they evade the questions.

07 October 2010

The below response from the Chief Minister/Policy Council needed further follow up as it once againg did not answer the questions properly and a further letter was sent.

28 Sept 2010

At last a response is received from the Chief Minister/Policy Council to our Letter of 10th August 2010. This followed a number of statements made by the Chief Minister to Questions in the States on 24 Sept 2010

21 Sept 2010

Response from Mr Henderson to our Queries. This has obviously been a delaying tactic on their behalf, which is not acceptable for responsible Government.

16th Sept 2010

As no response from the Chief Minister and Policy Council, after one Month, as promised in Mr Hendersons initial reply, LGDAG write back to him asking why.

12th August 2010

Initial Response from Philip Henderson External affairs officer, as Chief Minister on Holiday.