On BBC Radio Guernsey News – 1.00pm today. 8th October 2009


Trott has responded to our demonstration in Guernsey yesterday 7th October 2009, as follows:-


“If a meeting was to take place between me and the depositors’ action group, it would need to be in the full sight of Guernsey taxpayers generally and I think that is a very important point. They have moved from not wanting taxpayers’ money to be used to wanting taxpayers’ money to be used and, therefore, the way in which I, as the senior figure of the Guernsey States, engages with them, must change to recognise that”.



A depositor immediately stated:

“What a load of rubbish! Since he made the offer to meet us (on the Radio Guernsey phone-in, in February 2009), he has constantly insisted that it would have to be at a public meeting.”


What a typically Trott reactionary, defensive statement to counteract the Anniversary demonstration, we have never actually said that we would not accept taxpayers money, this is something that Trott has seized upon and used in every statement he has made because he knows it gains him public sympathy.


After his offer on Radio Guernsey in February to meet us, the Landsbanki Depositors as a group, rather than just the committee, he was invited on no less than three occasions to attend our General meetings. He reneged on his promise and declined each time saying he was arranging his own Public meeting. To this date 5th January 2010 he is still reneging. What has changed of course is, do we really want a meeting with him? We have now produced proof that the GFSC were negligent and have asked a number of questions of both Trott as Government and GFSC, but not a single answer to a single question. Is this likely to improve in a meeting with him, the answer has to be no of course any meeting will be designed to give him maximum political benefit.